Affordable Garage Conversion in Surbiton by Delta Builders

When you’re considering any kind of home extension, garage conversions in Surbiton have a number of advantages:

Minimal disruption – Delta Builders team members always work with clients in mind and minimise mess and disruption. Just the same, it’s easier when the building project is taking place outside of the walls of your home. The impact of noise dust and strangers around the place is lessened.

An affordable project – Generally speaking, you’ll gain more space for less cash than with alternative home enlargement options.

Minimal paperwork In most circumstances, there’s no need for planning permission. Changing the use of your garage will require the approval of a building inspector. Initially, structural soundness is considered. Other points to be addressed include ventilation, dampproofing, insulation and fireproofing. Electrics and other utilities also need to be correctly and safely installed. Your Delta Builders project manager will ensure that all the requirements are met. So you don’t have to worry about the fiddly details.

Why Converting Your Garage Makes Sense

There are many different paint formulas on the market – Your painters in Surbiton will be happy to guide you through the options. VOC-free paints for an environmentally-friendly home. Anti-fungal, warm paints for your kitchen or bathroom. Hard-wearing formulas for woodwork in your family home. Choosing the right paint makes a massive difference to the quality and durability of the finish. With an expert at your side, you won’t go wrong. Preparation – Sanding down woodwork. Sizing fresh plaster. Washing down old walls so the fresh paint has a good surface to key to. These initial steps can’t be skipped or rushed. When your painters and decorators come from Delta Builders, you can be certain they won’t be. Applying the paint – For full and even coverage, you’ll generally be advised to opt for two coats. This is the point where all the early hard work pays off. Cleaning up – Your painting and decorating team will tidy up at the end of the job. So you can enjoy the full benefits of your refreshed and newly brightened home.

Happy Customers

“Very professional and diligent staff! I recommend them to all who really require high quality building services. ”

Beth V.

“After Delta Builders entered my home and made some improvements in it, my life also changed positively.”

Jennifer Wood

The Route to Extra Room

Start off by giving Delta Builders a call. You’ll get through to us on 020 3026 9183 any weekday, from 9 am to 7 pm. You can also use our contact form to request a site visit with regard to garage conversion in Surbiton.

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