Kitchen Refurbishment

A Recommended Choice for Kitchen Refurbishment in Surbiton by Delta Builders

Unsightly and depressing? Or maybe the inefficient layout is driving you crazy. Whatever your reason for looking for a kitchen renovation in Surbiton, a service tailored to your specific needs is only a few steps away.

Domestic or Commercial Kitchen Fitting by Delta Builders

Book any style or size of kitchen refurbishment in Surbiton.

Delta Builders kitchen fitting incorporates:

  • A site visit from an expert kitchen fitter Who’ll help you plan your work and design the room
  • A budget-sensitive service – Both full and partial renovation projects completed
  • A detailed quotation With all labour and materials fully itemised
  • An all trades team – Cabinet fitters, electricians and plumbers who work together to produce a beautiful, fresh and practical kitchen
  • Qualified and registered tradesmen And your kitchen installation backed by a guarantee

Cutting Edge Modernity or a Warm Heart for Your Family Home

Value for money and quality craftsmanship are things you can take for granted when you book your kitchen refurbishment from Delta Builders. Beyond this, there are lots of possibilities. Here are a few of the options you might like to consider.

An ultra-modern commercial kitchen – Stainless steel for ease of cleaning. Cutting-edge modern appliances for consistent and reliable performance. Well-planned and correctly installed ventilation systems to meet health and safety requirements.

A space-saving kitchen for your studio apartment – A combined washer dryer. Narrow appliances. Every inch of a limited area cunningly utilised to its maximum advantage.

A kitchen for your family home – Your kitchen fitting in Surbiton could include easy-to-clean surfaces and slip-proof flooring. Common requests include maximum possible storage and lots of work surface.

When the budget is limited Retaining the current location of your water and electric supply is one way to cut costs. Reusing the carcasses of your cabinets and just replacing the doors is another. Your kitchen fitters will help you explore other ways of keeping costs down without sacrificing quality.

Happy Customers

“Very professional and diligent staff! I recommend them to all who really require high quality building services. ”

Beth V.

“After Delta Builders entered my home and made some improvements in it, my life also changed positively.”

Jennifer Wood

When You’re Ready to Book a Site Visit

Call the Delta Builders support line. The number is 020 3026 9183 and the line is open every weekday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Alternatively, use our contact form to tell us about your planned kitchen refurbishment in Surbiton. We’ll be in touch to answer any questions you’ve raised and to arrange a convenient time for a site visit

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